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Popo Beibao

Popo Beibao

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Imagine that when you are opening a Beibao Backpack, suddenly Odin or Chilo comes up and makes you happier than before! Yash! Let us be the one who brings you a laptop or sneaks up between your journal or books! We know that sometimes you want to bring a lot of stuff, that’s why we have BEIBAO BACKPACK for you!

Even when your school or work doesn’t come easier, we promise that we will be there for you through day and night and make the hardest day okay especially when you want to hangout too. Beibou Backpack it’s ready to be adopted by you!

Material : 100% Canvas PE

Specification : laptop 14’ pocket inside, side pocket zipper x 1 (right), side pocket x 1 (left), front pocket


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